"Chroma - Blue", looped video, hand made Plexiglas box, mini DVD player

"Chroma" is closely related to Box Set. After two years of documenting, observing and experiencing the changing palette of nature, I developed a strange sense of inhabiting color. The “Chroma Series” strips color down to its base properties of light and matter. The series references the history of color field painting and explores the nature of time-based objects. Each color is housed in a unique structure, they are tactile time based items. I have been interested in the possessive nature of video since the arrival of handheld video players. Video is a medium to "hold", a language to share. These works are meant to inhabit the counter dynamic elements of time and the static character of objects.

“Yellow” and “Blue – the default color of hyperlinks” are the first works in the series. “Yellow” is a 12 min loop, which begins as a pale, almost white, moving through the spectrum to a burnt yellow, and then recedes back to pale yellow. “Blue – the default color of hyperlinks” is a dance between shades of blue and gray.