Cabin of the Sublime - LiveBox Artist Resident Eric Souther

“Cabin of the Sublime – Or Not” is a two-week residency focused on refection and critical thinking. This is not the place you come to feverishly produce. A space has been built for artists to reflect, contemplate, muse; an intimate cabin that calls for your thoughts to fill it, not data from the web, nor impressions from critics, curators, or collectors – designed simply for your voice.

Eric Souther, LiveBox Resident 2013, is a video and new media artist who creates custom software for manipulating audio and video in real-time. His interests include the materialization of digital aesthetics and the ritualistic spaces of media: the masks of media, the myths of media, and how they change the way we perceive our world. "Ritual for the Death of a Tree" grew out of Eric's residency. Ritual took hold of Eric during the residency and became an obsession, involving dirt, trees, smoke, ancient ceremonial practices, death, the cosmos.

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