"Flow Interrupted", Hyde Park Art Center Chicago, 2010

Flow Interrupted explores abstraction in the context of new media art. The artists in this exhibition deploy code, animation and video editing techniques to create works that celebrate the elegance of mathematical form and unpredictability of seemingly organic systems. The legacies of previous mediums are the foundation of New Media Art and are ever present in these works. Claudia Hart’s Dream and Aaron Higgins’s comp3(terra) evoke the language of painting; in Harts case perhaps a dream of painting. Drawing, particularly the tradition of doodling, comes alive in Brett Ian Balagh’s Chora. Artifacts of minimalism and process art are undeniably embedded in the surprising works of Flow Interrupted. The element of control, both as a process and format is an intrinsic component of the exhibition. Many of the artists have produced generative compositions - where artists develop code, which sets up a system that follows its own course. The artist in essence gives up control of the final piece. The systems created are simpler than systems found in nature yet reflect the chaos of day-to-day life.

Participating artists: Brett Ian Balogh, Luis Felipe Carli, Grégory Chatonsky, Claudia Hart, Aaron M Higgins, Terry Nauheim, Alessandro Perini, and chdh collective (Nicolas Montgermont, Cyrille Henry, & Damien Henry)

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