LiveBox was founded in 2006, as a response to the lack of exhibition opportunities for video and new-media art in Chicago. The roving gallery/curatorial project is committed to alternative movements in the arts, hot beds of innovation and experimentation. LiveBox deploys the City of Chicago as its gallery, exhibiting in empty retail spaces, projecting on the skyline, and collaborating with non-for-profit and commercial galleries. I’m particularly intrigued by the innovative power of hybrids, the cross-pollination of disciplines, as boundaries between the arts become increasingly porous. Most recently, I put the cabin from “they call me theirs” to fresh use, as a retreat for artists: “Cabin of the Sublime – or Not” Residency.

LiveBox reach has spread beyond its early Chicago boarders, having collaborated with The Directors Lounge in Berlin, The Aurora Picture Show in Austin Texas, and The Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles.

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