“Now for the Painter” Albuquerque video performance

Experiments in Cinema 2016 Albuquerque, NM

A live performance of “Now for the Painter,” in collaboration with local musicians, will take place Saturday evening, April 9th, as part of EIC Festival 2016.

The digital seascape, “Now for the Painter,” is a tribute to Turner’s last seascapes. The project title is from R.J.W. Turner’s piece Now for the Painter, (Rope) Passengers Going on Board (Pas-de-Calais), 1827. I have been intrigued both by Turner’s skill with the brush, and by his interest in technology, and couldn’t help but contemplate his likely interest in digital media if he was practicing today. The project includes multiple videos, filmed seasonally and at different times of the day. EIC Festival will project “Afternoon Drift” (filmed in late summer) accompanied by local musicians, composing in real-time.

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