"Golden Oldies", KY7 Biennial, Lexington, KY, 2008, and Biennial 24, South Bend Regional Museum of Art, South Bend, IN, 2007

KY7 Biennial was curated by LAL Lexington, KY. "Golden Oldies" was installed as a 3 iPod piece (there are 5 videos in the series). The South Bend Regional Museum Biennial hosted two projects "Golden Oldies " and "Swing".

"Golden Oldies" is a response to media overload and "group" orchestrated experience. Music is generally considered the most powerful conduit for movement and emotional suggestion. In “Golden Oldies”, light and movement are used to create visual scores. I wanted to create a visual counterpart to music, which would operate much like music on an iPOD. The installation includes 3 iPODs; each plays a silent video inspired by a pop hit from the sixties: "Tiny Bubbles" (Don Ho, 1966), 'Under the Boardwalk" (Drifters, 1964), and "Spinning Wheel" (Blood Sweat and Tears, 1969).

The photographs shot for "Swing" were taken during a family reunion. The photographs are 52.5" X 30" and hang from the ceiling and high on the walls. The title “Swing” refers to the dance as well as the playground activity. The piece explores elements of vulnerability, individuality, age and the passage of time. Each person tackles the swing in their own way, some with trepidation, others with exhilaration. Everyone found maneuvering the swing surprising difficult, unlike memories from childhood.

For more information on "Golden Oldies" and "Swing" check out Golden Oldies Video and Swing Prints