"They Call Me Theirs", multi-media installation, Notebeart Museum, Chicago, Feb-May 2012

"They Call Me Theirs" addresses man’s desire to mediate the natural environment through technology. The multi-media project includes sound, sculpture, video and large scale inkjet prints mounted on aluminum panels. An audiovisual experience of the four seasons placed inside a rustic cabin, plays with the way we have come to understand and experience nature. The title of the work is taken from a line in the poem “Hamatreya” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which questions man’s desire to claim ownership of the land that is inherently owned by nature. In the poem, the Earth responds, “How am I theirs, / If they cannot hold me, / But I hold them?”

Exterior to the cabin is a hanging garden:
“Beckoning with its strong, curving branches, verdant foliage and draping vines of—paint? Forster extracted images of trees from her own digital film stills, then modified them manually with drips and squiggles of paint reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, before digitizing the final images and printing them on aluminum sign panels. Forster tidily encapsulates the human experience of nature in all its artificial glory. (Karen Huang, Newcity Chicago)

Below is a documentation of the exhibition.