"Box Set", 4 looped videos, "Summer" video still

Mediation and digitized wonders have forever change our relationship with nature. Nature is
still revered, but raw nature no longer dazzles. "Box Set" is a private and purer experience of
nature: no cars, no planes overhead or personal craft, no blaring music, lawn mowers or noisy
neighbors. Choose your season, turn the box on and you have indoor nature at your own leisure,
no bugs, poison ivy or weather concerns.

The Box: handcrafted hardwood box, sliding drawers housing DVDs (one for 4-Seasons, and one each for
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter).

"BoxSet" exhibited as a stand alone piece at multiple galleries and festivals in 2007. In 2009 the project evolved into "They call me theirs". The installation positions "Box Set" inside a sound proof rustic cabin. Inside you hear only sounds of nature, outside sounds of nature and man compete. As a component of "they call me theirs", Box Set has traveled to numerous galleries and museums between 2008-2012.