LiveBox Media Lounge - Around the Coyote 2008

LiveBox Media Lounge 2008 explores the rich context of performance and the diversity of platforms deployed by artists in this arena. The ATC space was the curatorial inspiration for the media art program. The site is designed for performance and its beautiful Beaux Arts features and Art Deco Architecture serve as stage. Performance art has a long and intimate history with video, going back to the birth of video art in the 60s. Today technology has broadened the possibilities and nature of performance in video and new media. Participating artists: Youngsuk Altieri, Wojciech Gilewicz, Sonja Hinrichsen, Moon Na, Hye Yeon Nam, Second Front (Gazira Babeli, Yael Gilks, Bibbe Hansen, Doug Jarvis, Scott Kildall , Patrick Lichty, and Liz Solo), and collaborative group James Garver, Peter Kyle and Holley Farmer.

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