Garden of the Not-so-Evil

New work: Garden of the Not So Evil explores nature’s indifference to the folly of our debate or the level of our angst. The paintings are lush and playful, a celebration engendered from ennui, and denote nature’s appreciation of variability and change.


“Pink & Blue” Oct solo exhibition

I’m pleased to announce the solo exhibition of “Pink & Blue” at The Center on Halsted, opening Oct 20, 2017, exhibition will run until Nov 28th. The exhibition will include a collection of 30 drawings exploring femininity beyond the biological. The body of work evokes my struggle to understand the essence of womanhood, both as […]


Under The Boardwalk Screening

“Under The Boardwalk,” a single channel, 8-minute looped video installation, will screen at Experiments In Cinema 2017 Festival, Albuquerque, NM this coming April. The piece explores our compulsion to eavesdrop. The tension of “not knowing” is seductive. Today we eavesdrop in public and on line, scanning social media images and reading posts, bits of information […]


Chasing Tarzan Lit Awards

Chasing Tarzan Chapter 5 ‘Bones’ made the national literary journal Clockhouse’s Top Ten Favorites for Nonfiction. Chapter 22 ‘ Like Lawrence of Arabia’ is a semi-finalist in New Millennium Writings journal. Chasing Tarzan is a story about the long term effects of bullying. The book is a journey over decades, uncovering how childhood informs the […]


“Now for the Painter” Albuquerque video performance

Experiments in Cinema 2016 Albuquerque, NM A live performance of “Now for the Painter,” in collaboration with local musicians, will take place Saturday evening, April 9th, as part of EIC Festival 2016. The digital seascape, “Now for the Painter,” is a tribute to Turner’s last seascapes. The project title is from R.J.W. Turner’s piece Now […]


“ME NOT” Rymer Gallery

Solo exhibition “ME NOT” at the Rymer Gallery Nashville, TN has been shifted to November to allow for community outreach programs involving youth and local universities. The move is welcome and an exciting opportunity – a project gallery space will be devoted to outreach programs throughout the month of November.


ME NOT at San Diego Art Institute

I’m excited to announce “ME NOT” plus a selection of drawings from “cactus, flower, f%#k-off, love, roses”, a complimentary project, will exhibit at the San Diego Art Institute’s 53rd International show. The exhibition opens April 18th during the SDAI’s yearly Gala celebration and fund raiser.


“POND” at Currents New Media Festival

I’m thrilled to announce “POND” will be participating in Currents 2015. CURRENTS is an annual event with program in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Warehouse 1-10 in Magdalena. The Festival brings together the work of established and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and abroad, for events showcasing interactive and fine art video […]


“ME NOT” solo exhibition coming this summer

The Rymer Gallery in Nashville will host a solo exhibition this coming June. The video “ME NOT” and the drawing series from “cactus, flower, f%#k-off, love, rose” will be exhibited. In addition, I am very excited to announce  a performance piece involving the community – BYOC (Bring Your Own Cactus), which will take place as […]


“Flower Girl” at the Rymer Gallery Nashville

The Rymer Gallery celebrates 100 Art Crawls with a group exhibition of Gallery artists. I will exhibiting photographs from “Flower Girl” (ink jet prints mounted on acrylic) and resin sculptures created from film props (hand painted flowers). The exhibition opens Saturday Dec 6th 11:00 – 5:00.


“Temporary” – July Exhibitions

I’m throlled to announce the inclusion of “Temporary” in the exhibition “Home” co-curated and sponsored by the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) and the VAALA Cultural Center in Santa Ana, CA. “Temporary” will exhibit in both venues. “HÔME” resonates on cultural, emotional, intellectual, religious, philosophical, political and spiritual levels—as a place, a space, […]


Flower Girl Festival Award

“Flower Girl” has received an Award of merit from the Indie Festival, an an international film awards competition. Flower Girl probes the perception of innocence, and the transition from childhood to womanhood, during a time of confusing norms and expectations.