Notions of Wilderness - "Timegarden", Claudia Hart, one-hour 3D animation.

The word wilderness is derived from the notion of wildness; uncultivated, uninhabited, in other words without human modification. The social and political realities of “nature verses economics” makes defining wilderness in the 21st Century ever more elusive. What is “wild”, what can be called “wilderness”, what is the measure of human “influence” that defines wildness?

Conceptions of wilderness have been important subjects for visual artists throughout history. Notions of Wilderness includes artists deploying multiple mediums to uncover their context of wildness.

Exhibiting Artists: Adam Chapman, Kim Curtis, Kim Dorland, Howard Fonda, Carla Gannis, Claudia Hart, Jodie Jacobi, Heather Lyon, Chris Oakley, Julia Oldham, Dominika Skutnik, (art)n collaboration Gerhard Mantz, Ellen Sandor, and Chris Kemp.

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