Dome Colony X in the San Gabriels, curated by Fritz Haeg, 2009. (Image by Fritz Haeg)

"Four Seasons" at Dome Colony X, X-Initiative NY, located in the old Dia exhibition space. "Four Seasons" was installed in one of the Domes of Colony X.

"Four Seasons" is a sound installation that has its roots in a trekking adventure that heightened an awareness of the competition between nature and man. The project was recorded over a two year period exploring the sounds in designated “nature playgrounds”, forest preserves and parks set aside for people to enjoy nature. In these settings, nature’s voice changes from the solitude of winter to a cacophony of spring and summer activity, and final retreat of autumn. Human activity is ever present, cars go by, planes fly overhead, and lawn mowers and snowmobiles fly by. Birds compete with soccer coaches and cheering parents. The sounds of nature seem to hold steady while man’s exhausting presence encircles the preserved environment.

"Dome Colony X in the San Gabriels, curated by Fritz Haeg invites visitors to become active participants within a “mountain colony” comprised of intimate dome tents that have been arranged around a centrally placed circular stage. A continuous graphically painted silhouette of Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Mountains covers the walls and is mirrored in a custom designed seating system installed throughout the entire space. The dome tents, surrounded by the abstracted mountainous landscape painting, function as gathering and meeting spaces, with the central stage serving as an epicenter for events and screenings." (X-Initiative)