"Me Not", solo exhibition The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN, 2015

ME NOT, a solo exhibition at The Rymer Gallery in Nashville, explores femininity beyond the biological. The exhibition includes a series of drawings, digital paintings, and video (“ME NOT” and “Flower Women”). The body of work evokes my struggle to understand the essence of womanhood, both as a female and a parent. My youngest daughter’s 13th birthday, and the coming out of her elder sibling as transgender female activated the project. I watch my daughters evolve, and wonder what makes a woman?

The video “ME NOT” references the child ritual of plucking petals while reciting “he loves me, he loves me not”, but “Me Not” is not playful. The video references gender non-conformity, violence against women (cis and trans), and resistance to cultural constructs of womanhood. In “Flower Women” 30 participants (both cis and trans) choose a flower symbol they relate to and communicate its meaning solely through gestures, letting their bodies, which are normally read and judged, control the dialogue.

ME NOT exhibited at Central Michigan University, The San Diego Art Institute, The Rymer Gallery (solo show) Nashville, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, TX, Nicolet College, Rhinelander, WI, and coming in Oct 2017 solo exhibition at The Center on Halsted, Chicago, IL
To view the drawings check out Cactus, flower, fuck-off, love, roses drawings
To view "Flower Women" check out Cactus, flower, fuck-off, love, roses videos
Below is a documentation of the exhibition.