"Saturday - Grocer", 24” X 32”, archival inkjet print, 2011

“Saturday” is a body of work produced while in South Africa. Cape Town proper and its pristine suburbs remain very "white”, despite the end of Apartheid nearly 20 years ago. Sixty percent of the population still live in the Townships far north of the city. Economic disparity is not the only reason for the lack of desegregation. Many Blacks who have moved out of the Townships miss the lifestyle, social contacts, religion and vibrancy of their old neighborhoods. More and more middle class Blacks are choosing to stay and move into middle class housing in the Townships.

One Saturday I spent the morning at the Old Biscuit Mill Market in the city and the afternoon at Langa Township. Both bustled with activity and though only miles apart, they seemed worlds apart. The Old Biscuit Mill was a surprise, not a farmers market, but more like Harrods under a tent. I could have spent the entire day there, fascinating, but so was Langa. The appropriation of shipping containers is astounding. Local business hopefuls and entrepreneurs go to the docks, purchase a container, negotiate a space and start their business. The containers are used for all matter of businesses - restaurants, phone centers, grocers, hair salons, bars, travel agencies, auto repair, medical clinic - you just need an idea and a container.