"They call me theirs", The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN, 2009

Solo mulit-media installation, and earlier version of "They call me theirs". A hanging garden composed of large scale ink jet prints on aluminum sign panels, surrounds "Box Set". Raw nature packaged for optimum experience, choose your season, turn on the box and you have indoor nature at your own leisure, no bugs, poison ivy or weather concerns.

Critics Choice, Nashville Scene
"Catherine Forster's "They Call Me Theirs." She has taken over one small room at Rymer, painted it green and lined it with metal panels printed with photos that started as video images of vegetation and foliage. Forster took those pictures and applied thick trails and smears of green and yellow paint on them, and then took photos of those results. At first glance the paint looks like organic growth, and it comes across more distinctly than the underlying photos, which are second-generation images and therefore much grainier. The paint seems more alive than the gauzy vegetation underneath. Forster decomposes organic forms, combines them with artificial material (paint), and then by photographing creates an equivalency. Forster has performed a sort of recombinant DNA between these elements, and with the metal panels where they end up." David Maddox