"Extended Family", video series, "PlayDate" video still

Extended Family has been an ongoing project, a witness to media’s role in developing the self, from its influence to its appropriation on networking sites where personal brands are nurtured. Part I includes 6 videos capturing a child’s relationship with the screen from infancy to 10 years of age.

Videos include:
THE OTHER PARENT, 3:34 min, 2003. Faux TV Guide like channel that explores media’s dual parenting role in bringing up America’s children, i.e. parenting parents, and influencing children.

THE MENTOR, 2:00 min, 2004. The Mentor explores the impact of messages and their delivery , i.e. audio and visual (especially patterns of light and color).

THE BABYSITTER, 5 min, 2005. The video attempts to capture the relationship of the child to the TV and initiate questions about the impact of this bond.

THE PLAYDATE, 5:03 min, 2006. The piece explores the role of media as stand-in friend for young viewers.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN, 3:28, 2007. Creating a media persona.

MY SPACE, 2:40, 2009. You Tube branded.

The videos have screened in multiple venues, as a group and independently.