"Temporary", single channel video, 9:04 minutes, 2013

HouseProyecto was the source material for this piece. A construction crew builds an addition on the front of a house while the family carries on their routines at the back of the house. While making HouseProyecto I was moved by the temporary status of the workers and their relationship with he family, but also by the changing season and the relationships within the family. Planting annuals; picking ripe summer tomatoes; the smell of cut grass, laughter and fleeting moments of play; strangers thrown together; all playing out under the bright summer sun, as a family and a construction crew share space for a fleeting moment in time. The piece explores the temporary state of each interaction and every juncture.

Temporary: "ephemeral, fleeting, passing, transient, shifting, for the time being".

"Home" Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, CA, 2014
Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA), Santa Anna, CA 2014