"Now For The Painter", The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN, 2009

The digital seascapes of Now for the Painter are a tribute to Turner’s last seascapes. The project title is from R.J.W. Turner’s piece Now for the Painter, (Rope) Passengers Going on Board (Pas-de-Calais), 1827. The reference to a painter was Turner’s homage to the Dutch painter Aelbert Cuyp. I have been intrigued both by Turner’s skill with the brush, and by his interest in technology. I couldn’t help but contemplate his likely interest in digital media if he was practicing today. My admiration for Turner’s paintings, passion for kayaking, and the beauty of a near by lake, were the inspiration for the video seascapes.

The exhibition included 4 videos filmed at different times of the day over a course of a year, plus a series of paintings installed in gilded frames. The paintings began as video stills; they were printed, painted and then digitized. The process includes multiple stages from paint to pixels and back again. The paintings are then printed, mounted on aluminum, and framed.

A live performance of “Now for the Painter - Afternoon Drift,” in collaboration with local musicians Mark Balestrari and Mike Weaver, was performed at the Guild Theater Albuquerque for the Experiments in Cinema Festival 2016. the piece also exhibted or screened at:

The Merwin Gallery Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL
The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN
SnapFilm Festival, Krakow, Poland, (1st Prize – Experimental Film)
One Minute Film Festival Brazil, Critic’s Choice, Brazil (200 + cities), (short single channel version)
Echotrope New Media Arts Festival, Omaha, NE

To view a sample of the videos check out Now for the Painter